Auction of works of #fine art in Napoli from the Tirrenia collection

(Photo of the Palazzo Caravita di Sirignano in Napoli from Wikimedia contributed to public domain in 2008)

I just read an article about the auction that happened a few weeks ago of an interesting art collection.

Here is my English translation of an excerpt from the article from Ilsole24Ore:

There is an auction of the rich collection of ancient, modern and contemporary works of art from Tirrenia, the Italian shipping company. At the headquarters of the former public company at Palazzo Sirignano ( Via Riviera di Chiaia , Naples)  the auction house Blindarte will preside over the auction of the famous collection which consists of paintings and sculptures from the late 800’s and the 900’s and four paintings from the seventeenth century, with an estimated value of between 1.4 and 2 million euro.

The well-known collection of art was developed over the years and it is therefore quite varied : it includes masterpieces of Italian modern art  as well as paintings from the XVII to the XVIII century. In total there are 120 works, including some works that are especially appreciated and well known such as La Grande Composizione ( The Great Composition) by Mario Sironi from 1948, oil on canvas (264 x3 51 centimeters) that came from the ship “Esperia”.

Read the entire article in Italian:

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