Vegetarian dish: American adaptation of Italian classic using quinoa


(Photo by Lina de la Torre)

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Awhile back Matteo published his tomato sauce recipe that is part of his recipe for spaghetti sciue`-sciue` (pronounced shoowae-shoowae).  I am amazed at how adaptable this basic tomato sauce is.  I have incorporated it into other dishes that I prepare regularly, including his spaghetti sciue`-sciue` true to the Italian tradition,which is always a hit.

I wanted to write a short article about one of the vegetarian dishes that I discovered by experimentation with this sauce that has been so popular with my family and friends that I thought I should share it on the blog.  It is essentially just a substitution of quinoa for pasta.  The trick seems to be in preparing the quinoa well so that it has a mild flavor, similar to pasta.  I would love to have comments from readers on this recipe to see what people think.

Buon appetito,  Lina