Interesting quotes from Le Reginelle

Here are a few quotes from my detailed interview with Le Reginelle, the group of young Italian musicians who perform traditional Napoletano music.

What do you like most about singing in the Napoletano style?

Enrica: I really love the dramatic quality and the theatricality of the songs. The melodies are really beautiful, and can be sung all by themselves.   These songs deal with the more profound issues of the heart, about the love for a woman or for a city, or about death.  These are strongly emotional topics that are exalted by the songs, thus touching the heart.

What do you think is the biggest strength of your group?

Eriola: Our strength is being in tune with each other, being very conscious of each other. We often base our playing on the strength of the song.

What do you hope to accomplish as a group in the next year or so?

Angela:  We would like to get wider exposure internationally. We would like more people to hear the music so that we can share the warmth of the traditional Napoletano music with them.  We hope that the music might have an impact.   

Ci sentiamo presto,