Caruso family unites at the Enrico Caruso Museum of America


(Photo of Enrico Caruso and other photos in this article courtesy of Enrico Caruso Museum of America)

The Enrico Caruso Museum had their 25th anniversary concert earlier this year. According to Cav. Uff. Aldo Mancusi, the Founder and Curator of the Enrico Caruso Museum of America it was a great success. In attendance were several members of the Caruso family from Italy and from the USA across multiple generations. This was an historic first meeting of the members of the family from two continents and close bonds were formed.


(Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Federico Caruso w/son Enrico IV)

The entertainment included singing by Marcelo Giordani and Enrico Caruso IV, among others.


(Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Murphy - Caruso’s Grandson)

According to Mr. Aldo Mancusi, the museum exhibited this past year at the Francesco Paolo Tosti museum in Ortona, Italy and then continued on to Sorrento to visit the Caruso museum called "Caruso Museum-Restaurant", where Enrico Caruso stayed just before his passing. They have presented two exhibitions in Sorrento over the past few years.


(Photo of Cav. Uff Aldo Mancusi and Lisa Mancusi with Marcello Giordani)

For more information about the events of the museum, you can see this link:

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