Fine Italian porcelain from Vicenza

What is better than seeing fine porcelain in the rich Italian tradition at a museum?  How about owning a hand-crafted porcelain work of art?   That is the proposal of Porcellane Principe.

(Photo courtesy of Porcellane Principe)

The company is heir to the long-standing tradition of creating fine porcelain pieces, melding the creative energy of the Neapolitan artist with the elegance of the design style from Venice.  The fundamental principle of the company is to create a product inspired by the collaboration of three individual contributors:  Luciano Cazorla, sculptor, Lino Gobbi, creator of molds, and Sergio Traforetti, painter.  Each piece is a hand-made, signed original that bears the company name as an indication of authenticity.  Trends and fashion may change over time, but work of this quality never really goes out of style.

The work is constantly evolving, and here are some wonderful examples of some of their recent work:
 (Photos courtesy of Porcellane Principe)
Here is a link to the site for more information:
Even if you are not really in the market for a product like this, we wanted to share with our readers the lovely work that Porcellane Principe is doing in Vicenza.

Ci sentiamo presto,