What does moda mean?

Why is that we rarely think about what moda really means?

From my perspective this is a very important question and we have to ask exactly what does moda mean?

According to a dictionary, it means:” A manner, way, or method of doing or acting”.

I think that you have to look at how and who starts a “moda” to find the answer.

In my opinion, “moda” should mean: ” A manner, way, or method that people choose to express themselves”. Moreover, moda and trend are different.  Moda is like “art” and trend is more like a “sentiment”:  they are different. Let me clarify: my elegant friend who dresses in loud orange and red paints is not launching a new moda, he’s expressing his favorite trend.

This would explain why some people purchase big name brands. They have a sense of trend, but they depend on the designers to define the “moda”.  How about people living without a “moda”?  I guess there is no one who lives without a “moda”, including the homeless.  Everyone is somehow forced by society to make some type of choices about dressing, eating, and so on.

My conclusion is that most of the time, “moda” it’s just a matter of choice: is this important? Yes, it is. It’s very important from my perspective.

When I was teenager, I was obsessed in that very young way about “moda”: I was determined to express myself through my clothes.  My mom gave up suggesting clothes for me, like I am sure many mothers do.  As I grew up, I realized that my struggle to find my own style was in fact a common problem. What does everyone do? We try to develop our own “style”, while observing “the mass guidelines” because we feel we need to be part of the crowd.  We are afraid that if we change something, just a little bit, it would be a tragedy and we would not “fit in”.

Let me illustrate my point with a personal life experience:

During my youth vacation in Torino, I was introduced to an unusual jeans shop that was selling a very particular kind of jeans: used, tailored, and (possibly) with some holes!  I walked in, I chose my favorite “used” pair; Once I bought them,  I gave them to a tailor (a terrific girl of about my age) that customized the bottom of the jeans to fit my leg.

It was a new idea.  I ended up paying the same price for “new jeans” for a pair of “used jeans” with holes. It is unbelievable when I think about it today! I still remember the name of the shop: “la Dea del paradiso sciccoso” (the Goddess of luxury heaven).

Once back in my town, Caserta, sporting these “new” jeans, I was seen as dressing with a …..”cosmic” attire for that time (late ’70’s).  I tried not to notice the way people stared at me, but one of my friends clued me in by telling me:”you look funny!”.  My mom was worried about people thinking that our family were homeless since I was dressing in pants with holes.  As I said, it was a tragedy! J Just because I was not “observing” a certain mass dress code.

But I was determined to wear those jeans, and I liked them. To cut the story short, after one year everyone in my town was wearing jeans just like that, even though I do not remember having seen that type of jeans in the shops in Caserta at that time.  The “used jeans with the holes” were officially a new “moda” in my town, started accidentally.

My closing point is that each of us can launch a new “moda”, if consistent with people expectations, regardless of the mass dress code guidelines. Today “new moda” is almost dead, because no big brand dares to really innovate: the risk of selling less is a very real risk for them. Traveling among small tailors and shoemakers in Italy I discovered that they are the real fashion creators of today. The big brands give them some guidelines (like my family did to me) and they create new ideas (like I did while traveling in Torino).  That got me thinking to myself: what if I bring these small tailors onto the world stage, so everyone can purchase directly from them at a price can be up to 5 times (I am serious about it!) lower than a big brand retailing the same products? 

I did just that on my website and it worked pretty well.  People have really responded to this opportunity. Therefore I’m striving to gather the largest number of fashion makers into MADEINITALYMALL.com to offer the freshest fashion or “moda” ideas.  My example shows you that you don’t always have to buy  “fashion brands”.  You can buy quality directly from people that have the passion and knowledge about fashion.

Enjoy your day with a little break of Italian dolce vita!


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